Hair repair oil

Extremely nourishing

This hair oil is a nourishing and regenerating treatment for damaged and devitalized hair. It contains 3 nourishing vegetable oils (Argan, Ricin and Coco) with different essential oils like the aphrodisiac Ilang-ilang that will bring strength and shine to your hair.

  • 100 ml
  • All ingredients are 100% organic
  • Hand Made
  • Made With Love
  • Vegan
CategoryHair care
CHF 27.00
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Delivered in 3-5 days


INTENSIVE CARE: - Put several drops on the palm of the hand - Apply directly to dry hair, insisting on damaged parts - Allow to penetrate for at least 15 minutes - Wash and dry the hair as usual

CARE WITHOUT RINSE: - Apply 2 drops to the palm of your hand - Apply directly to the tips of the hair